Use the links:                Name:______________________________

Look at the four websites and choose one to review.

Name of Website:_____________________________________ 


ü  Who is the author or webmaster?  ___________

ü  What is their contact information?  ___________________________________________

ü  What is the domain of the web address? (.edu, .gov, .org, .net, .com, .info, .biz,)  The first three are usually the most reliable.  ____________________

ü  Examples of information that makes sense:  ___________________________________

ü  Would you be able to find the information anywhere else?  _________  Look for it.

ü  Did the author cite his or her sources?  __________


ü  When was the site last updated?  __________

ü  Do the links to other pages work?  __________


ü  Does the site seem to be trying to sell you something instead of just offering information? 

ü  Are there any biases that are promoted by the website?  __________

Overall Reliability

Is this site a reliable source of information? Why or why not?



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